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Sooo the past week has been very hectic lol yesterday, (monday) i… - We're~at~the~top~of~the~world...

Dec. 5th, 2006 09:13 pm

Sooo the past week has been very hectic lol
yesterday, (monday) i had my Youth Leader interview which was very nerve-racking hahah... well first, the person that went before u comes out and calls ur name. At that moment i was like wowhoaaa.. haha. So then i walk into a room where u r surrounded by all of the s, and ur the center of like a huge circle haha. Then the s go around and say what they like best about my application.=] And then they basically just asked about my application, and i responded very honestly. After the interview, everyone got up and hugged me, and when i left the room, people said i was in there for a long time haha.... so im hoping my effort has paid off, and by january i can call myself a youth leader<3!

i stayed home sick today and slept for 23 hours on NyQuil haha... that crap puts u to sleep. So im just staying up for maybe another hour, and then downing the gasoline =] 
my first swim meet is next week... nd i dont think im going to be able to compete=[

Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: Third eye blind- semi charmed life

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